Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Record Club #1

We kicked off the first Summer Record Club today in Long Beach. 11am start time with all four members of Summer Darling. Also present: Joe and Kenn from California Condors, Tim and Chris (aka The Black Rhombus).

Everyone brought one song that embodied what music means to them. We went in alphabetical order and the tracklist went like this:

1. Ben- Liars, Here Comes All the People
2. Chris- Tom Petty, I Won't Back Down
3. Dan- Spoon, Out go the Lights
4. Heather- Damien Jurado, Cloudy Shoes
5. Joe- Poppy Family, Endless Sleep
6. Kenn- Blaze Foley, Clay Pigeons
7. Tim- LCD Soundsystem, I Can Change
8. Todd- T. Rex, Rip Off

Afterward we celebrated with a walk to 3636 for a boozy brunch. Joe from CA Condors is set to host the next one on 6/20. Shitchyeah.

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