Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taste of Sound Interview

Todd sat down with Caroline from Taste of Sound and talked with her about his two favorite things: rock and roll and food. We've reprinted it here, but feel free to check out the site and read about other great foodie bands like Xiu Xiu and Midlake! When we did we found it quite fascinating!

Band Name: summer darling

Hometown: los angeles, california

Hometown favorite food: coconut sugar cookies

Tour favorite food: homemade granola

What's the first food you eat when you get home from tour? lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, specifically apples and carrots

What food is on your backstage rider? Or what food do you wish was on your backstage rider? i wish that ice cream sandwiches, flake chocolate bars, fresh, ripe tomatoes and my girlfriend's homemade bagels were on the backstage rider.

What's the weirdest thing you have eaten on tour? fast food...

What's the best food city and why? portland, oregon. the food trucks and carts are brilliant, convenient and delicious.

Regular or Diet? regular!

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Raw? vegetarian.

What's for breakfast? yogurt and fresh fruit. sometimes homemade granola, too.

Spicy or Mild? spicy, please.

What's on your bar tab? beer, whiskey and coffee.

Do you see the dessert menu? um... always!

Best fast food? in and out burger

Favorite cocktail? whiskey on the rocks for some, the blackest of black coffee for others.

Do you grow your own food? no, but it is definitely in the foreseeable future.

Are you adventurous or stick to trusted favorites? adventurous!

Coffee? How do you take it? yes, please-all the time! the blackest of black for some, vanilla lattes with whipped cream for others, and laced with liquor for some other others.
Do you like to cook? very much.

Favorite recipe? currently we are super excited about sweet potato pancakes. super excited.

Favorite condiment? salt.
Favorite midnight snack? chocolate.
Do you eat for pure taste or nutritional value? both.
What do you eat before you hit the stage? cookies followed by chewing gum.

If your sound had a taste, what would it taste like? almond sandwich cookies with chocolate filling; a bit sweet and a bit salty.

Do any of your songs conjure thoughts of food? If so, which ones? and what would it taste like? "this would be the time" is reminiscent of macaroni and cheese (the blue box). it's so effortless and so comforting; it seems so new and exciting each time it's played, and yet it's still soooo familiar. and just plain fun to play.

Anything else you want to add? thanks!!!

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