Saturday, October 16, 2010

Summer Darling North American Tour Diary 8

Cleveland, Ohio

Waking up in Louisville I got to do something I hadn’t done since leaving on the tour. I went down to the fitness room of the hotel and ran. My body had ben feeling like shit, but running a few miles really put me on the level. Throughout my run I watched news coverage of the Chilean miners being freed. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what a nightmare it would be to be trapped so far beneath the surface of the earth with just a tiny link to the people above. I don’t think I would have survived. The capacity for hope these men had!! Unbelievable.

Dan scored us free bacon maple donuts from a local bakery and the coffee shop guy gave me a savory scone on the house, which left a good taste in our mouths concerning Louisville.

We took a self imposed detour from our Googlemap inspired route out of Kentucky in order to avoid a freeway closure we came upon which probably saved us 1 hour of drive time, which, ironically I lost for us when got stuck on the Ohio turnpike five hours later.

Cleveland was a special show as we had lots of friends there. The venue looked like an old VFW hall with a massive PA in it and the common green room underneath the venue had a secret door that one could open and walk into this little underground vintage shop. The venue cooked some good food for us, which was much appreciated after a rather difficult soundcheck.

Our set felt vibrant and bombastic, easily one of the best of the tour and the energy carried over all night to the other bands. Lots of drunk people at this show, some of whom drunkenly bought our merch, thankfully. We ended the night with a campfire like sing-a-long of some of the best worst pop songs of all time with our buddies in Company of Thieves, clinking High-Life beer bottles, graciously supplied by our sound engineer, Zack. Though they didn’t know it, we were celebrating for a more somber reason. Tomorrow we would cross into Canada and we didn’t know how many of us were going to make it in.. . .

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