Monday, October 18, 2010

Summer Darling North American Tour Diary 10


The drive up the Greenbelt of Ontario from Toronto to Ottowa took us through wild, beautiful country interspersed with pockets of small towns and travel stops with sub par food. It was quite breathtaking at times as the steel gray skies dumped rain upon us and wind whipped in off the slate tinted Lake Ontario. In contrast, Ottowa seemed to be entirely under construction, surrounded by brick and concrete structures. The Parliament building was surrounded by canals and was architecturally stunning, but the rest of the city seemed to be bursting at the seems with broken roads, traffic, and dust.

The Capital Music Hall was tucked away just down from the capital rotunda. Although it was the smallest venue we played on the tour, the room was alive with a contagious kinetic energy. It was also one of the few stages that had a press area down front populated with a few photographers who snapped pictures during each bands' set. Dan suggested that Summer Darling take over this area during Ok Go's last song of their set and sing a long and basically go nuts for them right in their faces. Which we did. The stunt ended up with me getting pulled on stage by Damien, who handed me his guitar and said, "Play." I responded with "I don't know the song." Damien just brushed this off and told me Andy would tell me what to do and then he returned to the mic and started singing. Andy yelled "Solo in B minor" and before I knew it I was soloing for Ok Go. God knows how it turned out; it was over in a matter of seconds, but it still was an exhilarating experience!

After the show we descended into Ottowa nightlife. Holy shit, these people get FUCKED UP. Puking, public urination, brawling, Ottowa, you have it all!!! We all got separated and it was nearly 2 in the morning before we reconvened. Stories were shared while we drove the three hours to Montreal and our hotel. Exhausted, we found the one thing we needed: a pillow and five hours of sleep before we did it all again.

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  1. That last paragraph, wow. Its one of those things that has to be experienced in person I'm guessing.