Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Summer Darling North American Tour Diary 7

Day Eight: Louisville, KY

The show was outdoors in Kentucky. Usually this may have presented some sort of weather issue, and when we rolled into Kentucky the skies were dark and the air moist with humidity. When I asked a local if they thought it would rain, she just laughed and replied, “We haven’t had a drop of rain in over a month, honey!” Still, the weather felt ripe for a good ol southern shower.

My fears ended up being unfounded as the weather held and the sun went down, but the temperature remained pleasant. We played on a stage in a big field of grass inside the University of Louisville. The goal of the festival according to the director, who kindly let us use their nice indoor facilities before our set, was “to show people how nice the University of Louisville really is. Most people think it’s a concrete jungle, a downtown commuter school, unsafe and uncultured.”

If anything, the Discover Louisville festival did convince the 2000 or so attendees that U of L, KY does have grass, does have outdoor functions with food vendors, and, once every 10 years, puts on a concert for its students and surrounding community. It should be noted that I met very few people at the show who actually went to the college. Most attendees that I encountered were local high school kids or Louisville stoner burnouts who read on the flyer that the show was free.

All this being said, our set went ok. We had a nice guest appearance that we will post video of soon. The audience response felt a bit tepid from stage, but many, many people came and talked to us after the show, so it felt like it turned out all right.

I've become a bit listless as I write this, knowing full well this entry is lacking some of the bravado of earlier entries, and it can be noted that tour entropy has definitely started to take effect. I'm sitting in our shared green room in Cleveland, OH after just finishing soundcheck. I'm drinking a tall boy and am certainly content. That will have to be enough.


  1. which fave records of all time are we on?

  2. I unfortunately don't have a myspace account or I would have left this on there. I just wanted to say thank you again so, so much for getting our goggles signed for us by all the Ok Go band members last night. You guys are awesome and so very kind to have done that for us. :)